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My name is Timoshenkov Pavel. I am a practicing lawyer who provides legal services in Moscow, St. Petersburg and all regions in Russia by convention.  I am specialized in criminal and civil law. I am constantly improving, raising my qualification, participating in seminars, getting additional education and broadening my sphere of experiences.

I was born in 1981. After finishing high-school I enrolled in a juridical institute. In 2003 I got a diploma with the highest juridical degree, specialized in jurisprudence. After finishing my education I worked in a preliminary investigation agency and inquest. Later I worked as an attorney assistant in the Bar. Thanks to that I got acquainted with the juridical system, got immense experience and learned about the important nuances that the textbooks and articles do not write about, and that is not told in classes and seminars.

The wish to further explore the commercial and financial law pushed me to study Economics. While continuing working for the коллегии адвокатов I got Into Finance University Under the Government of The Russian Federation. In 2011, I successfully passed the exams in the Bar, received the title of a lawyer and became a member of the Bar. In 2012 I defended the economist diploma specialized in “Finance and credit”.

Equally in depth I studied the IT-sphere to provide qualified juridical assistance in the field of computer technology, supported by the work of IT-companies. In 2011 I graduated from my courses at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, specialized in “Administrative and Systematic OS Support.”. I studied the configuration and network infrastructure of Windows Server Microsoft.

In 2016 I studied at the University of Stockholm in the Institute of Criminology. Apart from the main specialization, I studied Swedish and English in depth. At the moment, I am still practicing law.

I am a professional lawyer (attorney) with experiences in different fields of law. During my lawyer practice, I have worked both in governmental agencies and practiced law privately. The obtained experience in preliminary investigation and inquest agencies has enabled me to get to know Russian law enforcement system inside out. Thanks to the sphere I became specialized in fields such as finances, tax and business law. Studying at the institute of criminal law gave me the opportunity to study the nuances of criminal law and become an expert in laws and scientific theories of criminal law. My in-depth IT knowledge enables me to provide services in supporting companies’ activities in the field of computer technology.

My future profession is something I chose in high-school, so I will not hesitate and say that advocacy is my call. I love my job. It gives me pleasure and moral satisfaction. Often times people come to me with their problems, being in a difficult situation. It would seem there are only negative associations. However, that is not the case. People come to me asking for help, and it makes me happy that I can offer them that, solve a difficult puzzle, achieve success and keep the wards from making mistakes that will destroy their fates.

Being a perfectionist by nature, I am very demanding of myself. Every new case, I take as a personal challenge. My work with a client starts off with an open conversation. After that I carefully study the material and get to work: I thoroughly work on a plan of action, think about all the options, prepare myself for all surprises that can occur during the process and in court.

I do not tolerate foul means and work exclusively within the legal field. But thanks to my knowledge and experience I can calculate the course of events a few steps ahead and find evidence to provide facts.

I know not only the Russian law, but European as well. I speak Russian, Swedish and English. Thanks to this I can represent (as lawyer in Russia, attorney in Russia, barrister in Russia) clients in any country, appeal to the court of highest resort, appeal the sentences and turn to the European Court of Human Rights.
I am happy to step in the case at any stage. But if you contact me for juridical help in the beginning, as soon as the problem occurs, the chances to succeed are much greater. Do not put off the visit to a lawyer! If anyone is threatening you, if you are faced with an injustice, if someone is abusing your rights, you and your family are facing danger– call me immediately! Our talk is not tying you to anything, you can easily turn down my services. But I will have a much bigger chance of solving your problem and give you peace and protect you and your family from danger.

Sincerely, attorney
Timoshenkov Pavel

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