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Arrest lawyer – juridical assistance in Moscow

P.V. Timoshenkov provides law attorney assistance during arrest.  I am willing to get working on a case immediately at any time. I do not have visiting hours or a schedule– during arrest, every minute is crucial.

Often times an arrest comes like a surprise; a thunder on a clear blue sky. The accuser is in a very stressful situation, even in a state of shock, and is capable of making many mistakes. I will check if the evidence gives a sufficient base for the arrest, to see if my client’s rights are observed and I will make sure that the client is not put under pressure that goes beyond orders.

In a stressful situation, everyone is capable of behaving inadequately and do harm to themselves, therefore, moral support is very important. I will do everything in my power to make sure that the ward does not make any mistakes that will do harm, that they behave themselves accordingly during the preliminary examination and that they do not go to jail under pressure.

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