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Civil lawyer in Moscow

Civil lawyer in Moscow –  always on your side

Many people face problems and get into trouble because of their limited knowledge about their rights. There are often conflicts at home or work in everyday life. Bank loans drive to huge debts, legacies make close relatives to enemies, offense relatives are being forced to sell their last property. Nobody is insured from mistakes, we all make them. The most important thing is to find qualified attorney’s assistance; to find a good lawyer in Moscow and not lose any time.

Timoshenkov Pavel Viktorovich tenders one’s service as a lawyer in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions) I offer my services when it comes to family and work disputes; I can help you solve real estate problems, I have a large experience in protecting rights and interests in court. Do not waste your precious time — make the call immediately! We will meet, discuss the problem and I will undoubtedly help you to solve your problem.

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