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Criminal defense lawyer in Moscow

Criminal defense lawyer – always on your side

Timoshenkov Pavel has experience in leading and successfully solving criminal cases of different kinds. If you and your family are initiated with a criminal case, it is best to immediately consult a criminal defense lawyer. The domestic justice system is like a powerful mill, it is almost impossible to get out of the millstone cutter on your own. When one gets to jail, the mental and physical pressure increases, and the inquest is only interested in the indictment and the transformation to the court. The preliminary examination and the confrontation can be fatal!

  • Criminal defense lawyer P.V. Timoshenkov is willing to step in the criminal case at any moment and stage of its contemplation.

  • I will teach the accuser how to behave, I will look over the preservation of important evidence.

  • I will find witnesses with whose help I will be able prove the innocence of the accuser or soften their punishment.

It is very important to get the help from a criminal defense lawyer (lawyer in Moscow, attorney in Moscow, barrister in Moscow) before the preliminary examination and the first inquisition. This can be a key factor to save the accuser or the witness from prosecution and help the victim to prove the legitimacy of their claims. I will visit the client at the ITT, be present during the interrogations and confrontations and defend the interests in the court. I guarantee complete confidentiality and action solely in the interest of the customer, regardless of the accusation. Everyone has the right to make mistakes and be protected.


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