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Defense Attorney in Russia

A defense attorney in Moscow offers legal assistance. I will protect you or your family against law-enforced authorities and outside allegations, I will defend the rights of the ward and look for a just punishment for them, if they truly are guilty or acquittal, and look after the accusation to see if it is precarious or if the level of punishment is exaggerated. The punishment must be adequate; the court has to take all the nuances and mitigating circumstances into account, and not punish thoughtlessly.

Why a defense attorney is needed for a suspect

From the moment of suspension or the first interrogation, the suspect is in real danger. De jure the investigation must be objective and impartial (Art. 6, Code of Criminal Procedure), however, during the investigation of criminal cases a prosecutorial bias is legalized. The point of the inquiry, investigation and the attorney is to prove the accuser guilty. Therefore, hoping for impartiality is redundant. It is the lawyer’s job exclusively to defend the accuser. It is necessary to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

The defense council visits the ward in jail, is present during the interrogation and the identification parade, keeps track of the investigatory experimentation and collects evidence that may help in the defense.

I offer my clients moral support, prevent them from breaking down in stressful situations and keep them from harming themselves.

Defense attorney in Moscow – real help and support

The accuser of the crime is a key figure in the criminal case. However, until the evidence is collected and the sentence pronounced, it is wrong to dogmatically declare them a criminal, as it is wrong to determine the level of their punishment. Often times, innocent people who accidentally happened to be on the crime scene are caught in prosecution, because they cannot prove their alibi. Even the commitment of a crime does not always mean that the person should be obliged to pay for their unfortunate destiny and ruined personal life. Everybody slips. But the persecution, arrest and the stay in jail can cause immense stress. Therefore, the accuser has a legal right to a lawyer; it is necessary to make use of the defense.

The accuser is offered free legal protection according to the Russian law. De jure, everybody is equal before the law and must receive a qualified attorney’s assistance. I respect all my colleagues and am not trying to claim that free lawyers necessarily must be bad. That is not the point. But the fact is that a massive machine is working to provide evidence with colossal technical resources and a huge base of information, experienced investigators and interrogators against the accuser. In order to resist the system and fight equally, a lawyer requires a lot of time and energy to defend the accuser. The protection provided by the state is often not enough to cover for all the nuances; they do not cling to every small clue and do not fight until the last for the innocence of the ward.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Russia – Every minute is precious!

A good lawyer in Moscow values time and cares for reputation, and will therefore do everything to win the case. To me, every new case is like a personal challenge. I am perfectly aware of the concept of work in law enforcement agencies and am familiar with Russian law, because I myself have worked there. I am willing to help the accuser no matter the crime, to file complaints and objections in case of inaction or unauthorized actions of law enforcement agencies, to seek additional expertise, to demand an overlook of the case and file appeals. I offer qualified  attorney’s assistance day and night. The attorney will come at night and help.

Are you or your family in danger? Every minute is precious! Call me–  I will help you restore justice, achieve an acquitting judgement or soften the punishment.

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