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Council services in Moscow and other regions in Russia to individuals and businesses, I am offering outsourcing juridical services to firms and supporting businesses. I am always willing to take the most challenging cases even when they seem impossible on a first glance.


  • Individual approach. Every new case for me is a task of great importance and a personal challenge. I preliminary work with the ward, while I independently investigate the case from A to Z, looking for witnesses and evidence. I find unique solutions, I do not trust predictability, I always prepare for different lines of questioning and defenses in case of force majeure, which cannot be ensured because often times in court, the opponents’ attorney provides new data that did not appear earlier in the case.
  • Reliability and efficiency. I achieve my goals and perform my task professionally and efficiently. When possible, I try to resolve conflicts in the pretrial stage, and help to find a way out of a difficult situation. I have more than 85% of acquitting judgement or retraining articles on an easier.
  • I have the highest degree in law and economics, I have studied the IT sphere in depth at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. I know Russian, Swedish and English. My first juridical education I got in Russia, my second in Europe (in the University of Stockholm). I have worked in law enforcement agencies and led a private practice of law. Thanks to specialized education in different fields of study and my work at law enforcement agencies have examined various areas of law from inside out and truly am an expert with encyclopedic knowledge.
  • Professional ethics. I strictly follow moral norms, have a professional ethic and guarantee confidentiality. From the beginning, I build a trusting relationship with my client, since they are the key to success. A talk with a lawyer is a confession that lightens the soul and helps in solving the problem. I am always tactful, I appreciate the trust and do everything that I can in order to help my client. Advocate secrets (lawyer in Moscow, attorney in Moscow, barrister in Moscow) are my duty, I will under no circumstances distribute the knowledge from the client that has been discovered during the investigation.


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