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Pretrial inquest lawyer in Moscow

The pretrial inquest is a very important step. The investigators may either be too ‘attentive’ to the accuser, or completely ‘forgetful’. De jure, they are the representatives of the justice system, but de facto, they are trying to close the case as soon as possible. Therefore it is crucial to be ready for any surprises and not rely on the benevolence of the providence.

P.V. Timoshenkov provides assistance of a lawyer during the pretrial inquest. I will get acquainted with the case, get in touch with the ward in jail, will look for discrepancies and fabricated accusations, will watch over the preservation of important material evidence, control the expert examination and will be present during interrogations and confrontations.

A pretrial inquest lawyer (lawyer in Moscow, attorney in Moscow, barrister in Moscow) will make sure not to allow operatives to provoke the client and force the client to give evidence against oneself, destroy important evidence or falsify the results of the examination. Do not be afraid of psychological traps and pressures, but do not rely on luck!  The pretrial inquest lawyer P.V Timoshenkov will conduct his own independent investigation and will help to prove your innocence and make sure you are not being turned from a witness to an accuser.

I use personal business contacts in search for evidence or softening of a punishment; collect every tiny bit of fact, do not miss on any chance and use all tools that will help my client. A pretrial inquest lawyer is a real chance to avoid tragedies! Contact me right now!


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