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The rights of the witness

“Heartfelt conversation” with the investigator is not part of your duties, therefore you can refuse to answer questions about your personal and intimate life or chitchat about the weather and nature. The investigator is on duty, and you have enough rights to not get into the traps that they laying out for you. And if you notice, that you said one thing and something else is written in the protocol, you do not have to sign it (Article 189, Code of Criminal Procedure). You can directly say, that you wish to draw diagrams, drawings, paintings and write the document independently– to fixate on clear questions and give them answers.

The witness has the right to:

  • Hire a lawyer independently.
  • Refuse to testify without a lawyer.
  • Not to testify against themselves, friends or family
  • Use the help of a translator and give evidence in their native tongue.
  • Refuse to answer questions that are not relevant to the case and that are not put in the protocol.
  • Independently write an explanation in the protocol of the interrogation.

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