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The victim’s lawyer at the pretrial inquisition

I offer help to the victims during the investigation and am willing to get to the case at any stage of the process (Article 162, Code of Criminal Procedure).

  • I consult, accompany the victim during investigations, the investigatory experimentation and the identification parade and watch the process of the investigation.
  • I compose claims for procedure for damages.
  • I initiate expertise and investigative experiments, making sure they are processed correctly.
  • I work through the right action for the victim and offer moral support.
  • I will complain on the illegal action of law enforcement agencies, if necessary.
  • I will not tolerate negligence from the investigators or the inquiry, who are holding back the preparation of the case.

A victim’s lawyer solves any problem at the pretrial inquest, helps avoid psychological damage and does not allow the client to get into stressful situations. I give qualified attorney’s assistance twenty-four seven, both day and night.

Protection of the victim’s interests in court

In court, a lawyer (lawyer in Russia, attorney in Russia, barrister in Russia) must necessarily be present on the victim’s side. I will prepare a speech in which I will defend the interests of my ward, provide rationale for the validity of claims for the recovery damage, will achieve just punishment for the offender and ensure safety for the victim. The presence of a lawyer on the victim’s side will not allow the court to lighten the protection for the victim or change the course of the case and avoid punishment of the accused. You can never disregard your right to protection!

Call me on the phone right now! We will meet and discuss the problem. I will help you find a way out of your difficult situation and achieve justice, get a compensation from the offender and/or the insurance company and will appeal from a judgement!


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