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Victims lawyer in Moscow

I offer services as a victim’s lawyer in Moscow. Have you, your relatives or friends suffered from a fraud action, thieves or hooligans, been in an accident, turned out to be involved in official malfeasance?  According to the current legislation in the Russian Federation, you have the right to protection (Article 42, Code of Criminal Procedure). A victim’s lawyer will help protect your rights during the pretrial inquest, fight for a just punishment for the criminal and find a compensation for the moral and material damage done to you.

Help with the initiation of a criminal case

According to the law, criminals should be punished. It is an indisputable truth. However, there are cases where law enforcement agencies refuse to institute criminal proceedings, deliberately or due to negligence, justifying it with the argument that there is a lack of sufficient grounds (Article 148, Code of Criminal Procedure). For example, victims of abusive husbands often times find it very difficult to achieve criminal cases.

Sometimes the crime is very obvious: a drunk driver hits a pedestrian. It would seem that the criminal should be sued, and the victim repaid with compensation. But then it turns out that the scheme of collision is “accidentally lost”, and the pedestrian was crossing the road at the wrong place and that they are the ones who are guilty. The victim’s lawyer (lawyer in Moscow, attorney in Moscow, barrister in Moscow) will challenge the criminal case refusal and will help achieve justice.


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