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Witness lawyer in Moscow

Every person can involuntarily become a witness to an incident, crime or accident. Under the current Russian law, the witness of a crime is obliged to appear on summons before the investigator and give a truthful testimony (Art. 56, Code of Criminal Procedure). However, by fulfilling a civic duty to help the investigation, one can get into difficulties, or turn from a witness to a participant in the crime. To prevent this from happening, one requires a witness lawyer who will protect one’s rights.

Why is a witness lawyer required?

In the course of the interrogation with the witness, the investigator collects facts, establishes the course of the events and gathers evidence against the suspect of the crime. At this point, the investigator usually has some kind of outline, by which a clear picture of what happened forms. The investigator is also a person that can make mistakes, completely unintentionally. However, his knowledge and experience is enough to get necessary, and not always reliable, data (which by itself is a violation against the law).

The fact is, that the mere presence on the crime scene is already stressful for the witness. The witness can therefore forget some details and important facts, and not be completely sure about how and what happened. In order to not harm oneself and other people, the witness needs a lawyer.

One cannot forget that the investigator may deliberately plot out psychological traps. Being present during the commission of the crime may hypothetically admit involvement in the offense. Furthermore, the witness has no alibi, so they might give false testimony to absolve themselves from suspicion. To blame the one and only witness and prove them to be guilty is not a hard job. Under that kind of moral and physical pressure it is very easy to break a person down and make them admit to a crime they did not commit. I have worked in law enforcement agencies and I know the specifics, therefore I am not scaring you, I am only giving you a warning.  I give qualified attorney’s assistance twenty-four seven. The lawyer secrets (lawyer in Moscow, attorney in Moscow, barrister in Moscow) will provide help both day and night! A good lawyer for the witness in Moscow is necessary!


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